Music app in the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Landscape mode

The Music and Video apps rely on media scanning to detect media files on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The same is true with other Android devices in the market. For the most part, this wouldn’t cause much problems, at least not until we decide on installing games or audio recording apps that have or record audio in formats which the media scanner consider to be music. That said, it can be really annoying and in some cases embarrassing to suddenly hear your recordings play while listening to music.

Fortunately, there’s a way to fix this which I’ve done successfully on the Galaxy Tab and this is done by simply adding a .nomedia file to the directory that you wish to exclude from media scan. It should work with other Froyo (Android 2.2) devices but there are some risk of data loss as I have not tested it on others so heed the following warning.

Warning! Data loss and deletion of media files is possible when adding a .nomedia file to a directory that has already been scanned. Although I have not encountered the problem with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, I won’t be responsible if you lose data because of following the instructions below. Backup the data in the folder before performing my instructions. You have been warned.

With the warning in place let us proceed. I shall post Windows specific instructions on this article as I do not have a Mac to play with. If you wish to have Mac specific instructions, please send me a Mac. Nah, just kidding! Mac users may comment on how to do this and I’ll add it to the post with credits, of course. But if you wish to send me one, a Mac Mini will do. 😉

Samsung Galaxy Tab USB Connected screen.

First off, connect your Galaxy Tab or any other Android device to your PC via USB and mount it as a removable storage device. If you don’t know how to do this on the Galaxy Tab, go to Settings > Wireless and Network > USB setting then pick Mass storage. The method may be different for other devices.

Open Notepad from the Start Menu. We will use Notepad to create the .nomedia file. Without typing anything go to File menu > Save or simply hit CTRL+S on the keyboard. This will open the Save dialog box. Navigate to the drive letter given to your device and find the folder that you wish to exclude. Type “.nomedia” without the quotes on the File name text box and pick All Files (*.*) on the Save as type drop-down list. Hit on the Save button. Just copy the created .nomedia file to the other folders that you wish to exclude.

Media scan will immediately start when you unmount your device. Check your Music or Video app to see if it is working as expected. You may also wish to check the excluded folders with a file manager to make sure you did not lose any files. If you did everything as per my instructions then you’re good to go! Enjoy! 🙂

Feel free to comment if you need additional help.